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It all began after a mission trip to India with the realization, “There are so many resources in this country, why isn’t ‘it’ working?” (It being the system.)

“Conservative Republican Candidate District 20

“Just as I have fought to improve the lives of families for over 20 years, I will fight for you in the State House to stop the left, preserve our values, and secure a brighter future for my grandchildren and future generations.”

Thank you so much Pastor Craig Jones for allowing me to share this past Sunday at Abiding Church. The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident and I felt truly blessed. Father God, thank You for allowing me to share Your heart in times such as these leading up to Tuesday’s election. Please share. #electlynnesaunders

Vision, Issues, & Values

Fighting for Our Families, Our Values, and Our Future  

Candidate District 20, GA House

Vote 5/24/2022!

What Lynne Stands For:

  • Constitutional Conservative –Less government with lower taxes, and…
  • Voter Integrity – Without honest elections, everything else is at-risk
  • Pro Life - Every life is God-Given and should be protected
  • Pro Family – Strengthen family units for a strong community, state, and country
  • Pro Freedom– Our first and second amendments are under fire
  • Education – Remove socialism from curriculums to bring back bright American futures
  • Small Business – Make it easier to provide jobs and strong communities, not tougher
  • Full Employment – Reduce incentives to stay out of the workforce
  • Committed to Excellence – No job or issue is too big to tackle the right way for the right reason

Why I’m Running

As the Founder and CEO of Encompass Ministries, also known as Papa’s Pantry, I have been on the frontlines for nearly 24 years, working with families in crisis.  I’ve mentored and coached thousands of people to get off government assistance and become stable citizens.  It hasn’t been glamorous work, but it has been oh so rewarding.  Seeing families thrive after conquering devastating setbacks.

As a wife of 40 years, mother of 3, and grandmother of 6, I can fully relate to the many struggles families face. Many times, rather than helping, government enables and gets in the way.

Our families are under attack. Leadership in Washington D.C. is forcing a radical agenda on families, changing society all together.  The government is systematically trying to wipe out the Conservative Judeo-Christian values this country was founded upon. 

Like so many, I am afraid for my grandchildren’s future. Our freedoms have eroded with forced mandates and the passing of very expensive and devastating bills into law.  We need leadership at the State level to prevent the federal government’s overreach. Without strong families, we cannot have a strong community, state, or country.

I have been fighting for the right things for families since 1998.  My mission has always been to help them get on their feet, equipped with the tools to stay there.  It has not been about “hand outs,” but “hand ups.” 

As your State Representative, I will never back down from the fight. This new chapter is a natural next step for me.  What I have learned and accomplished has equipped me to champion your concerns and our shared conservative values.

Don't Forget to Vote  5/24/2022








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