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About Lynne

Lynne Saunders has been on the frontlines for nearly 24 years working with families in crisis, helping them navigate through the unthinkable, to a life of stability.  Crises are generally in the form of a lost job or an over-drafted bank account.  They can also be the loss of a marriage, or the loss of a loved one through addiction or suicide.  The world is not friendly, and our government isn’t always the answer.

The mission mentioned above began as Papa’s Pantry in 1998 with Lynne as the founder, rebranding to Encompass Ministries in 2019.  The non-profit was never about just handing out free food, although that is important for families who are hungry.  The true purpose was to come alongside those who were interested in getting on their feet and off government assistance.  The ministry met, and still fulfills, those needs and desires. 

Getting people OFF government assistance; now what a novel, conservative idea!

Being fiscally responsible throughout Y2K, 9/11, the 2008-2009 recession, and Covid-19, Lynne has continued to seamlessly navigate the economic challenges that resulted. The non-profit continued to operate debt-free with the support of individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations.  Specific Covid government funds were received up-front in 2020, but only during the first few months of the virus’ outbreak.  As a rule, the ministry does not seek government funding because of the many strings that come with it.

Now Lynne tackling the political arena to utilize her knowledge, using her experiences to improve and restore what has been lost or negotiated away over the last 2 decades. Today’s government needs creative, “out-of-the-box” solutions as Lynne has developed, to meet the needs of families in our community. Small businesses need help too! With inflation, an unreliable supply chain, and diminishing workforce, most small businesses are barely hanging on.

With Lynne’s knowledge and experience, she will steer the course for future legislation to reform and equip all those aspects that together are needed to make up a strong economy.

What Lynne Stands For:

  • Constitutional Conservative –Less government with lower taxes, and…
  • Voter Integrity – Without honest elections, everything else is at-risk
  • Pro Life - Every life is God-Given and should be protected
  • Pro Family – Strengthen family units for a strong community, state, and country
  • Pro Freedom– Our first and second amendments are under fire
  • Education – Remove socialism from curriculums to bring back bright American futures
  • Small Business – Make it easier to provide jobs and strong communities, not tougher
  • Full Employment – Reduce incentives to stay out of the workforce
  • Committed to Excellence – No job or issue is too big to tackle the right way for the right reason


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